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Maui Mokka Coffee

Maui Hawaii direct trade single origin natural process

It was 37˚F this morning when we left for the warehouse and I couldn’t help but think how nice it would be to be in sunny warm Hawai’i which got me to thinking about the Maui Mokka. When Carlos first started getting serious about roasting coffee for our little café in Honolulu he was mainly sourcing beans from farms in Kona and Ka’u on Hawai’i Island (the Big Island). At the time he was roasting on a little one pound counter top roaster from Sonofresco . Then in 2009 we met Kimo and Cici from Maui Grown and tried the Mokka. That little bean pretty much changed everything. We knew we had found the coffee we wanted to roast and serve our customers every day; it was rich and smooth, low in acid but could handle cream and sugar and didn’t give you the jitters if you had one cup too many.

Our first coffee roaster; a one pound roaster from Sonofresco
Green coffee jute bag

The original clippings arrived on Maui by way of Hawai’i Island in the late 1980’s as part of a University of Hawai’i field trial of several varieties of Arabica coffee beans. This particular variety was planted in Kona around 1955 by way of Turrialba, Costa Rica. The original field trial plantings at the Ka’anapali Estate are still there. The Mokka beans are grown in former sugar cane fields and are harvested in late fall through early January. Maui Grown Coffee harvested their first crop in 2004. The Mokka variety bean grown on Maui is often mistaken for a peaberry (when only one coffee bean grows inside the cherry instead of the usual two) because of its small round size but if you look close you’ll see the flat side denoting a pair of beans.

On the left are the Maui Mokka, the beans on the right are a standard Arabica bean
Size comparison unroasted Mokka beans to dime

This coffee has aromas of an apricot tart with caramelized sugar and a drizzle of dark chocolate and flavors of milk chocolate and whipped cream topped with caramel and toasted nuts.  The Maui Mokka is a very versatile coffee and is good for all brew methods especially espresso and espresso based drinks. Many mahalos for taking the time to read this post.

Aloha a i kekahi manawa aʻe

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