Cafe Femenino Mexico Chiapas 12oz


Mexico, Chiapas. Single origin, wash process, medium roast. Certified organic, fair trade and Cafe Femenino coffee program. cupping notes; Aromas of cocoa puffs with blueberries and cereal milk with a side of buttered toast. Flavors of Scottish short bread, allspice and blackberry pie.


Sierra Azul

Cafe Femenino Mexico Chiapas. Sierra Azul is a small cooperative of 227 small farmers living within Southern Mexico’s El Triunfo Biosphere Reserve, Ejido Capitan Luis A. Vidal, located in Siltepec, Chiapas. The coffee varieties grown is Typica, Bourbon and Mudo Novo at altitudes between 1,000 to 1,900 meters above sea level.

The vast majority of farmers have their own nursery, or share one with a neighbor or family member. Seedlings are grown using the very best cherries from each harvest, which are reserved and set aside. A selection of the best for future generations.

The area in which Sierra Azul operates is highly marginalized with limited access to health, education, information technology, among others. Therefore, the cooperative plays a very important role as facilitator of knowledge and access to relevant information. Some of the social activities run by Sierra Azul include a Community School (E-Café or Escuela de Cafe) where courses on a variety of topics are given to members and their children. Subjects covered include organic coffee production, beekeeping, poultry production and worm composting, among others. The organization also monitors birds and local wildlife to encourage awareness and care for biodiversity – particularly of species at risk of extinction. The plan is to include monitoring of mammals in the near future.

Cafe Femenino Mexico Chiapas


Currently the women of cafe Sierra Azul have organize together to join the Cafe Femenio coffee program. The Café Femenino coffee program is one-of-a-kind ethical sourcing model committed to ending the cycle of poverty afflicting women coffee farmers across the world. Cafe Femenino Mexico Chiapas provides direct compensation to women farmers, along with the opportunity and resources to enact positive change in their communities and on their own terms.  The coffee you are buying here is part of the Cafe Feminino coffee program.


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