Kenya Nyeri Rumukia Thunguri AA

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We are over the moon happy to have a traditional double washed coffee from Nyeri, Kenya! In the cup we get aromas and flavors of vanilla cream soda, sun ripened strawberries, peanuts, pink grapefruit slushies and waffle cones at the beach Boardwalk. This coffee is sourced from family-owned farms organized around the Thunguri Factory (wet mill).


This Kenya Nyeri Rumukia Thunguri AA is one of the most aromatic coffees I’ve ever roasted! It has aromas of sun ripened strawberries and fresh waffle cones at the beach Boardwalk. The flavors are of vanilla cream soda, peanuts and pink grapefruit slushies. Excellent as a pour over. Check out this YouTube video of the Kenya on a V60 

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Kenya Nyeri Rumukia Thunguri AA

Kenya Nyeri Rumukia Thunguri AA is a traditional double-washed coffee from Nyeri, Kenya and sourced from family owned farms organized around the Thunguri Factory (the washing station). The Rumukia Farmers Co-operative Society manages the Thunguri Factory. Varieties include SL28 and SL34 selections from the 1930’s and the more recent Batian. The coffee grows at altitudes between 1220 – 2300 meters in volcanic loam soil, fully washed processed and sun dried on raised beds.

Our preferred brew method is a single cup paper pour over with one part coffee to 16 parts water. Water temperature was 203°F with a total brew time of just under 3 minutes including the pre-infused bloom of 45 seconds. We brewed with three different waters; 1. (RO) reverse osmosis water, 2. Our inhouse crafted water and 3. Third wave water. Our preferred water choices are in that order. 

  • Double wash process
  • Sundried on raised beds
  • 100% Arabica beans
  • Single origin multi varietal

Additional information

Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 4.5 × 2 × 5.5 in
Grind Size

Whole Beans, Coarse Grind, Medium Coarse Grind, Medium Grind, Medium Fine Grind, Fine Grind

2 reviews for Kenya Nyeri Rumukia Thunguri AA

  1. Bryce Cronkite-Ratcliff

    Really beautiful bright coffee here. Juicy pineapple brightness leads and a golden toasty note underneath. If you use a manual grinder prepare for a little extra workout – the slow-grown beans are super hard, but well worth the grind :). It’s like you can feel the quality…

  2. Te-Yuan Huang

    Kenya is great with Siphon or any brewing methods that retains more oil (such as french press). Since Kenya is a lighter roast, the extra oil helps to bring even more fruity flavor out from the coffee.

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