Kenya Organic Muiri Estate


Kenya Organic Muiri Estate, Kiambu Country. Single origin Africa, Certified organic, washed process and dried on raised beds. Cupping notes: Smells like a sunrise walk in the desert surrounded by baked red clay, blackberry bushes and holding a handful of fig newton cookies. Flavors of a buttery croissant stuffed with blackberry jam and a little drizzles of honey and chocolate.

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KENYA ORGANIC MUIRI ESTATE is located in Kiambu County, Kenya. Muiri Estate has over 443 acres of land with 216 in use for coffee cultivation intercropped with over 200 species of trees totaling more than 90,000, which includes grevillea and eucalyptus trees. Additional land has been set aside and shared with 1,000 local families to cultivate beans. The estate has its own wet-mill where cherry selection, depulping, fermentation, washing, and drying are meticulously executed. When coffee is milled for export, the green beans are sorted by screen size and graded according to size and shape. The beans from the 15/16 screen are labeled AB. Muiri Estate was established in 1969 and has been certified organic since 2008. Named for an African tree species called Pruners, or “Muiri” in the Kikuyu language, the estate is well-developed and admired for its commitment to excellence in coffee production.

This coffee is a blend of  SL28, SL34, K7, and Ruiru 11. Grown at altitudes of 1537-1550 meters on Volcanic loam soil. The moisture is low, and the density is very high. Fully washed and dried in raised beds. Brewing note: Finer grind yields a cranberry tartness with some floral notes, while a coarser grind highlights stone fruits and sugar browning flavors. I enjoy mixing 20% of this Kenya Muiri Estate to our Supernova espresso blend to add a balance sweet fruity acidity without the overwhelming sour lemon and tartness. As a pour over I use a ratio of 1 part coffee to 16 parts water with a grind just a bit finer than sea salt or coarser than table salt. Get it right and you will be in heaven.

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It’s super rare to find organic coffees in Kenya, so this rare gem not only checks the box of being delicious, but also of being certified. Muiri Estate is in Kiambu, just north of Nairobi but a little south of the more frequently seen specialty producing regions of Nyeri, Kirinyaga, and Embu.

Royal Coffee is a family owned and operated importer of specialty green coffees. Located in the Bay Area, they are serving the international roasting community. Royal coffee imports the finest coffees in the world.  From over 30 countries of origin and a vast network of producing partners.

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