Nayarit Mexico Washed 12oz


Aromas of an orange tree in full bloom and dried plums that have been soaking in maple syrup with flavors that start with toffee, dried figs and black currants and end with a sweet tart apple as it cools. It has a medium body with medium low acidity.


Nayarit Mexico Washed Processed

Nayarit Mexico: This single origin, shade grown, washed processed certified organic coffee comes from the municipality of Presidio de los Reyes where the population is about 96% indigenous Cora. The coffee farms are far back in the mountains accessible only by a four hour mule ride. We feel very fortunate to be able to offer this coffee to you. It’s a medium roast that really shines as a pour over. (If you’re wondering; we use a Hario V60.) We got aromas of an orange tree in full bloom and dried plums that have been soaking in maple syrup with flavors that start with toffee, dried figs and black currants and end with a sweet tart apple as it cools. It has a medium body with medium low acidity.

During the harvest, farmers leave their spouses and children in town for weeks at a time to tend the land and harvest, process and transport their coffee. The rugged and vast terrain used by CUERNO makes for a challenging milling operation. Instead of running a centralized wet mill as is done by the other Grupo Terruño Nayarita societies, the producers of CUERNO have access to three small wet mills located near the farms. The logistics of which farmers bring their coffee to which mill changes year-to-year depending on harvest volume, which results in more variability in quality that would be optimal. However, it is the most efficient solution and ensures that this special coffee from an isolated region can be tasted around the world.

 At the mills, the coffee is depulped, fermented, and dried on African drying beds (the first to be used in the state of Nayarit). Once dried, the coffee makes its long trek down the mountain, strapped to the backs of pack mules in 30 kg sacks. It arrives in the community of Presidio de los Reyes to be stored and then sent to the El Duende Dry Mill for further processing and export preparation.


El Duende Dry Mill

El Duende Dry MillOwned and operated by CAFESUMEX, the El Duende Dry Mill is where all of the Grupo Terruño Nayarita coffee goes to be hulled, cleaned, sorted, prepared and bagged for export. Once lots are sampled, roasted and cupped using FincaLab, the Quality Control Team uses the resulting scores to develop a work order that is sent to the famous Antonio Ibarra–who has run the mill for the past fifteen years. The Grupo Terruño Nayarita work order contains information as to which lots to blend and how to process them.

There are also three large African drying beds (“camas africanas”) located at the El Duende Mill. These are used only when all other wet mill patio space is saturated; or if FincaLab grading results indicate a lot needs to be pulled from dry storage for continued drying.

A look in the Dry Mill (Beneficio Seco)

El Duende Dry Mill, Nayarit Mexico
wash and natural process coffee
  • Each Grupo Terruño Nayarita lot comes to the mill in parchment form (washed coffee) or as a dried cherry (natural or un-washed coffee).
  • A work order is made from FincaLab’s SCA-standard grading and cupping results to contract requirements; this work order entails how to mix and process each lot.
  • When blending is required, the bags in the lots to be mixed are laid out in rows according to the work order ratios.
  • The blended coffee passes through a mechanical huller that removes the parchment or dried cherry from the bean. Once the parchment or cherry skin is removed, the coffee is placed through a winnower (or catador in Spanish) that helps to clean the coffee by blowing air though the beans to remove chaff and lightweight fragments.
  • Now clean and green, the coffee is placed on a Brazilian Pinhalense mechanical screen sorter (one of a handful in all of Mexico) that separates the beans based on size and shape (flat sided or peaberries).
  • The coffee is then separated based on density (the denser the better) by the “gravity table.” This machine uses vibration and a rising column of air to partially levitate the beans and sort them by density.
  • The coffee is then separated into different grades (Grade 0, 1, 2, 3 etc.) based on defect content.
  • Finally, the coffee passes through a Satake compact optical sorter in order to also categorize the beans by color. Here, otherwise undetectable defected beans (normally yellow or black in color) can be removed to further improve quality and broca (insect damaged) beans can be targeted for removal.
  • Once the coffee has been mixed, graded, and bagged, a 100% internet traceable track-your-coffee label is attached to prepare the coffee for export!

natural process coffee environmentally responsible 100% internet traceable

San Cristobal Coffee Importers

Grupo Terruño Nayarita natural process coffee is imported by San Cristobal Coffee Importers and has been involved in coffee production since 1993. San Cristobal Coffee Importers was incorporated in 1996 to provide international market access for small holder coffee farmers in Nayarit, Mexico. The mission at San Cristobal Coffee Importers is to work from the bottom up promoting equity in the supply chain; helping producers earn enough so they are able to address the tough issues of environmentally responsible stewardship, gender equity, and ultimately sustainability.

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