Nayarit Shade Grown Coffee

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Single origin Tepic, Nayarit, Mexico. Cupping notes: Honeyed almond yellow nectarine torte with a caramel drizzle, milky hot chocolate and a bouquet of fragrant roses nearby. Good for all brew methods and a personal favorite for espresso.


Nayarit Shade Grown Coffee

This shade grown natural process coffee is produced by Grupo Terruño Nayarita a organization helping bring coffee producers together to deliver consistently high-quality, sustainable and environmentally responsible coffee from Nayarit, Mexico.

Environmentally Responsible

Nayarit shade grown coffee is environmentally responsible, the natural process coffee lot of Grupo Terruño Nayarita is from two communities; the small pueblos of Cordon del Jilguero and El Cuarenteno, this high elevation shade grown natural process coffee is made up of three Arabica varieties: Caturra; Criollo and Mondonovo.

Cordón del Jilguero, Ruiz, Nayarit, Mexico

Cordón del Jilguero is a small environmentally responsible agricultural community north of Tepic, Nayarit, Mexico. With a residents of 228 people they grow part of the Nayarit shade grown coffee, along with pineapples and jigüite (a green palm-like plant used in decorative flower arrangements in the United States and Mexico). Cordón is home to the newest Grupo Terruño Nayarita society: “Caficultores de Cordón Del Jilguero” or CAFEICO.

CAFEICO, Grupo Terruño Nayarita natural process coffee
CAFEICO Society also owns and operates the Piña Wet Mill located in the community of Cordón del Jilguero.

The society of CAFEICO has only been working with Grupo Terruño Nayarita for a little over one year, the 2017-2018 harvest being their first as participants. Before then, the coffee producers of CAFEICO sold their Nayarit shade grown coffee to a host of local intermediaries known in Mexico as “coyotes” for low and often unfair prices. Years later the producers of CAFEICO are rapidly improving the quality of Nayarit shade grown coffee.


El Cuarenteño, Xalisco, Nayarit, Mexico

El Cuarenteño, Xalisco, Nayarit, Mexico

El Cuarenteño is a rural community located in the foothills of Sierra de San Juan, just west of Tepic, Nayarit, Mexico. Currently El Cuarenteño has about 840 hectares of Nayarit shade grown coffee for Grupo Terruño Nayarita in production at altitudes between 900 and 1400 meters (2900 to 4600 ft). The landscape provides a beautiful panorama and breathtaking views of the famous “Three Marias Islands” on the Pacific Ocean.

Over 11 years of intensive environmentally responsible work with La Socieadad Productos del Campo Cafe, Aguacate y Mas (PROCAA), San Cristobal and CAFESMEX have worked to improve process and quality controls for the members of Grupo Terruño Nayarita . By only accepting the ripest of cherries and paying extreme attention to detail in how the Nayarit shade grown coffee is processed and dried, Grupo Terruño Nayarita has been able to produce an excellent shade grown coffee albeit using very basic infrastructure.

El Cuarenteno, Nayarit Mexico


 Nayarit Shade Grown Coffee by San Cristobal Coffee Importers

Grupo Terruño Nayarita is imported by San Cristobal Coffee Importers and has been involved in coffee production since 1993. San Cristobal Coffee Importers was incorporated in 1996 to provide international market access for small holder coffee farmers in Nayarit, Mexico. The mission at San Cristobal Coffee Importers is to work from the bottom up promoting equity in the supply chain; helping producers earn enough so they are able to address the tough issues of environmentally responsible stewardship, gender equity, and ultimately sustainability.

Nayarit, Mexico

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  1. Jerome Hollenstein (verified owner)

    This is the best coffee I have ever tasted. Easy to brew for a strong or light coffee, without altering its taste. Since the first time I tried that coffee, I never bought another blend or brand of coffee.

    Thank you guys for your amazing work and looking forward to see you at the farmers market in Campbell!


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