Cosmic Coffee Company’s Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a brick-and-mortar location?

Yes, we do but our roasting facility has been closed to the public since March 2020. We offer a curb side pickup for fresh beans and Dark Matter cold brew if you don’t want to order online or come to the farmers market but you must contact us to make arrangements. Call us (408)477-2687.

What is hand crafted water?

Glad you asked, Carlos spent many years perfecting his water formula! He starts by purifying the water with a triple filter system so it’s like distilled water. Then he adds in his proprietary blend of minerals to create our own electrolyte mineral infused water.

What kind of roaster do you use?

Diedrich IR5 and Diedrich IR2.5 manual roasters. Carlos started roasting on the IR2.5 in 2009. This roaster traveled with us when we relocated to California from Hawai’i in 2012. That’s love 🙂

What’s so special about Cosmic Coffee?

Really, we get asked this a lot. We think Cosmic Coffee is special because it has been a labor of love and passion for over 12 years. It’s the attention to detail and authenticity we demand of ourselves that shows through in every product we offer. The majority of our coffees are organic, shade grown, bird friendly, rainforest alliance and direct trade. We roast specialty grade coffees, pay farmers a living wage, work with farmers who are good stewards of the land, use the latest generation plant based renewable resource biodegradable coffee bag packaging, give the spent grinds to local gardeners, recycle/sterilize and reuse the glass bottles and seriously bust our ass every day to bring you exceptional freshly roasted coffees. We think that’s pretty special.

Why do some coffee bags have a white label and others have fancy colors?

The white labels are coffees that we only have a small amount of, generally, only a couple hundred pounds and then they’re gone. The ones with a fancy color label are coffees that we have year round.

When will I receive my order?

We are currently roasting and shipping Tuesdays thru Fridays. We are closed on Mondays. If you place an order on Friday afternoon or on the weekend your order will be roasted the following week Tuesday thru Friday and shipped the same day. If you order ground coffee we will roast it, let it rest for at least 1 day, then grind and ship it. Depending on where you are located, most orders will arrive in 1 to 5 business days. Local orders usually arrive next day. We do our best to ship all orders within three working business days, not including weekends.

What’s your Dark Matter bottle exchange program? How does it work?

It’s our effort to encourage recycling of the refillable glass bottles we use for the Dark Matter cold brew concentrate. Recycling helps us keep costs down, reduces the landfill load and ensures we always have a ready supply of bottles. We ask that you bring the clean, empty bottles to the farmers market so we can sanitize and sterilize them to be refilled with a fresh batch of Dark Matter cold brew.

Refillable bottles are exempt from the CRV fee. In exchange we may offer a discount to you on your next purchase of a bottle of Dark Matter cold brew concentrate but we are not required to. The discount cannot be used toward the purchase of any other products. The maximum discount you will receive is two dollars no matter how many bottles you bring back. That’s it no more. No, you can’t save up bottles and get a free one. This is not a CRV fee which is applied to bottles that are not refillable nor is it any kind of bottle deposit.

How long will my coffee last? Does coffee have a “shelf-life”?

This is such an important question! Our coffees should be consumed within 30 days of the roast date to maintain freshness. All our coffees will have a roast date on the bag. If the bag has a color label it is on the bottom of the bag, if it has a white label, it will be on the front of the bag. Coffee is a perishable food just like milk. You’d never pour expired spoiled milk into your coffee would you? So please be kind to yourself and use fresh beans.