Cosmic Coffee Company is passionate about supporting independent artists. We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to some of the amazingly talented artists who have created some incredible pieces for us; tea labels, stickers and even our logo!

Carlos: Yes, the same Carlos who roasts your coffee! He designed the Cosmic Coffee Company logo and hand built the entire coffee bar from scratch. Much of it is reclaimed wood we salvaged from the build out of our roastery, shipping crates and an old garden shed. Multi-talented indeed.

Cosmic Coffee Co Coffee Bar

Krista Pollock: Krista is a Santa Cruz local artist specializing in Fabric Painting, Illustration and Graphic Design. Her specialty is creating unique hand painted tapestries. Krista designed the labels for our Voodoo Woman, Mad Hatter and Golden Monkey teas. Originally from Connecticut, she now resides in an artist’s community in Santa Cruz, CA. Inspiration for her designs comes from her appreciation for meditative patterns found in vintage tribal textiles from around the world. When Krista is not creating art she’s enjoying her other creative passion, working as a pastry chef. Check out her website for more of her beautiful creations.

Krista Pollock Artist Bio

Jorge Negrete: Jorge is the graphic artist behind the Coffeenaut stickers everybody loves. He’s a graduate of the Woodburry University in Burbank CA. Check out his portfolio at DEZINEMAKER

Jorge Negrete Graphic Designer

Doug Hidalgo: Doug is an artist and college student in Culver City, CA where he’s studying to be a graphic designer. Doug’s art style is Neo Traditional Tattoo art, a modern take on traditional tattoo art. He designed the labels for our Long After Midnite and Soaring Spirit teas.

Doug Hidalgo artist bio

Brian Sharp: Brian is a Santa Cruz California based artist specializing in hand cast dimensional art pieces and some seriously cool dice. Everything he does is designed, sculpted and cast by hand. He and his wife own the Etsy shop FairyTaleNightmares. Brian is the artist who creates all our custom tap pulls (several skulls and a femur bone). If you’re a horror fan he’s also the creative genius who designed and sculpted the Hellraiser Monopoly board game.

Manny C: Manny is a Santa Clara California based tattoo artist. He created the original art for our Witch’s Garden herbal tisane. Manny has studied traditional studio art as well as digital multimedia. When he’s not tattooing, he’s out road tripping, hiking and trying out new ways to create art. Check out some more of it @withered_raccoon.

👋 We will not be at any of our Farmers Markets this weekend (Santa Clara, Willow Glen, Campbell).

Our nephew mykeyreyes is getting married!

See you next weekend 🌟

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Coffeenaut art by jnworks

Fresh batch Dark Matter cold brew concentrate. Available this weekend at the Farmers Markets. Hope to see you there!

Santa Clara and Willow Glen on Saturday from 9a-1p 🌟

Campbell on Sunday from 9a-1p 🌟

The badass comet surfing coffeenaut art was done by Carlos`s brother Jorge jnworks

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You know we love coffee ☕️ but did you know we also have a thing for tea 🫖?
Our #1 selling herbal tea is the Voodoo Woman with original artwork by Krista P. kp_tapestries!

#2 is Long After Midnite with original artwork by Doug H. bliss_o_ignorance!

Happy tea drinking!

Voodoo Woman is a blend of Yerba Mate`, Lemongrass, Holy Basil Trinity and Ginger

Long After Midnite is a blend of Chamomile, Lemon Balm and Calendula

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👋There`s no Willow Glen market this Saturday but we will be in Santa Clara on Saturday and Campbell on Sunday. ☕️

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Coffee cupping is something we do often; when we`re deciding what green coffee to buy, when we`re developing a new roast profile and for batch consistency. ☕️
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