Golden Monkey Organic Black Tea


Organic black tea, aromas of apricots and yellow peaches. Very smooth with low tannins. Small thin leaves with a golden tip. Drink with or without milk.


Golden Monkey organic black tea has aromas of apricots and yellow peaches. Very smooth in the cup, can drink with or without milk. This black tea loose leaf has small thin leaves with a golden tip. Originally developed for export to Europe. Organic black tea contains caffeine. Use 1½ to 2 teaspoons (3 to 4 grams) tea for every 8 ounces of freshly boiled water (205-212˚F/96-100˚C). Steep 4 minutes. A must try organic black tea for loose leaf tea lovers.

All the true teas we sell are ethically sourced, organic and fair or direct trade unless otherwise noted. For the best tasting tea use fresh filtered or reverse osmosis water. We don’t recommend using a coffee maker to brew tea unless you’re using a French press that has NOT been used for coffee. Distilled, tap and microwaved water are not recommended.

About the label:  This label was created by tapestry artist Krista Pollock. Krista Pollock is a Santa Cruz local artist specializing in Fabric Painting, Illustration and Surface Design. Originally growing up in Connecticut, she later moved all around California, working as a chef at several restaurants (to pay the bills & art supplies) till she finally settled in Santa Cruz, Ca. which she now has been a local for 20 years. Her specialty is creating unique Hand Painted Tapestries. She also crafts artsy handmade gifts that incorporate her designs on them. Inspiration for designs come from her appreciation for meditative patterns found in vintage tribal textiles from around the world. When Krista is not creating art, she’s enjoying her other passion, creating pastries at a local restaurant downtown.

For more information on Krista’s work, Go to her website and also, follow on Instagram to keep in touch

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