Sencha Japanese Green Tea


A beautifully balanced green tea with aromas of steamed rice, butter lettuce and freshly mowed hay on a warm summer morning.


While brewing this gorgeous dark emerald Sencha it took me on a pleasant stroll through a fresh spring garden full of sugar snap peas, butter lettuce and clover as wisps of freshly mown hay and steamed brown rice drifted by.

In the cup the mouthfeel is soft, smooth and velvety with a touch of sweetness. It tastes of sugar snap peas and steamed brown rice. My first thought when trying this green tea was “this is a calming tea”.

    • Contains high level of antioxidants
    • Helps boost metabolism
    • Contains vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin D and minerals such as zinc, manganese.

Sencha Chumushi medium steamed loose leaf Japanese green tea with aromas and flavors of sugar snap peas, steamed rice, butter lettuce and freshly mowed hay on a warm summer morning.

Sencha Chumushi loose leaf green tea

Exceptional green tea from a family in the Shizouka prefecture who grow the tea in Japan. Sencha Chumushi loose leaf medium steamed Japanese green tea. Seriously one of the best Senchas I’ve ever had. To brew use 1½ teaspoons (3 grams) for every 6 ounces of 170°F water steep for 60 seconds and strain. I know Japanese teas can be a bit fussy to brew but this one is really worth it. I always use an instant read thermometer when heating the water for this tea. Also makes a really refreshing iced tea. For every 7 grams Sencha use 12 ounces water and brew for 15 minutes. Do NOT stir. Strain into a glass over ice or into a jar and refrigerate. Will last in the refrigerator up to one week.

Krista Pollock created this beautiful label.
Krista Pollock created this beautiful

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All the true teas we sell are ethically sourced, organic and fair or direct trade unless otherwise noted. For the best tasting tea use fresh filtered or reverse osmosis water. We don’t recommend using a coffee maker to brew tea unless you’re using a French press that has NOT been used for coffee. Distilled, tap and microwaved water are not recommended.

All of the teas and tisanes are blended and/or packaged in our private commercial kitchen licensed by the State of California and the city and county of Santa Clara.

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