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Volume 3 Issue 1

This newsletter is best enjoyed while sipping your favorite coffee or tea.

Welcome to another edition of the completely sporadic, totally random Cosmic Coffee newsletter.

Hey, that’s my coffee!

Oh, have we got some good news for you! Subscription service is now available on our website! The longer your subscription the greater your savings. We currently offer subscriptions for the Supernova, Nayarit and Ethiopia. We will be adding more coffee choices and the teas also. It’s customizable by the quantity, frequency, length and whole bean or grind preference.

Our #1 selling coffee for 2022 is the Supernova! Aromas of buttery toast with a side of hot chocolate while sitting in your favorite old leather recliner. Flavors of Dark chocolate truffle with a creamy caramel center and blackberry sauce. It’s a great choice for all brew methods.

My cup of tea

More good news: our new tea packaging has finally arrived! We love, love, love the new boxes. They are similar in appearance to the coffee bags, matte black with the silver foil, and the same great art labels by local artists. The new boxes make it much easier to scoop the teas and have a re-sealable inner bag. We think you’ll love them too. We also have a new tea Jolynn has been working on, Grey Wolf. It’s an organic Kenya purple, smoky Earl Grey and purple corn flower black tea blend.

Our #1 selling tea for 2022 is the Voodoo Woman! Organic Yerba Maté, organic lemongrass, organic Holy Basil trinity, organic ginger. I love this tisane hot but it also makes a refreshing iced drink. I prefer the cold brew method: use room temperature water (I like reverse osmosis or spring water) and double the amount of tea. Let it sit on the counter or in the fridge 24 hours, strain and enjoy!

Farmers Market

 In memoriam Ken Sinclair

Ken was our Santa Clara Farmers Market Manager. He passed last year after a long bout with cancer. Ken loved the farmer’s market. Each week he would arrive by 3:30am to set up the barricades and sweep the gutters before the first vendors started showing up. He would greet each of us personally every week as we were setting up, often checking in on us during the market to see how we were doing. Ken volunteered at the Franklin Square Post Office keeping all the shipping supplies neat and well stocked. He also loved Christmas and every year he enjoyed dressing up as Santa. Ken would set up and decorate a Christmas tree outside the Post Office and hire the twins, Alyssa and Serena, to be Elves and hand out candy canes. This past Christmas there was no tree, a sad reminder. He loved vintage postal stamps and owned the Stampcraft store next to Bronco’s. I would often drop in to see him during the week inevitably interrupting one of his epic computer solitaire games, but he never seemed to mind. He was my friend for more than ten years and I truly miss him.

In memory of Ken
Photo by Cesar Sanchez

In the Art Room

We want to introduce you to Creative Shields and specifically his Watermelon Couch project. James is an incredibly talented artist and educator from Oakland. He is traveling around California interviewing the farmers of Black-owned watermelon farms to collect and document their stories from a watermelon couch that he created. You already know how passionate we are about our local farmers market community and supporting independent artists so we really wanted to share this art project with you. Keep up with the project on Instagram. Check out his website for more info or if you’d like to donate to the project.

Artist James Shields on his Watermelon Couch
Photo by Creative Shields

Word Nerd: When I was in the 5th grade if anyone in class misbehaved our teacher, Ms. Conrad would make the class as a whole copy random section of the Webster’s Dictionary. At the time I was not sure if the word copy or the grief you received from fellow classmates was the greater punishment. Maybe that’s what turned me into the word nerd that I am. I read (and collect) dictionaries for fun. Seriously, no joke. It occurred to me that there just might be a few more word nerds actually reading this newsletter so, without further ado, here are a few good ones to drop into a conversation:

Bibelot noun /BEE-buh-low/ A beautiful trinket

Trou vaille noun French /trōō-vī/ A lucky find

Prestidigitation noun /presta-dija-tāshun/ Magic tricks performed as entertainment.

Thanks for being a part of the Cosmic Coffee galaxy!