“Cosmic Coffee company produces truly exceptional specialty coffee beans from a thoughtful and thorough master roaster that cares about bringing higher quality, flavorful and longer lasting freshness to consumers. Everyone I’ve introduced Cosmic Coffee to became instant fans. On a multi week road trip I noticed how much longer their coffee beans stayed fresh and was still releasing Co2 when brewing even after a few weeks.”

Cosmic Coffee Co Yelp ReviewsJeffrey S. San Jose, CA

“Cosmic Coffee is one of the vendors that I see regularly at the Willow Glen Farmer’s Market. I’ve always wanted to try it for a while, but the line has tended to run long. I went to the Farmer’s Market during a time with a light crowd, so I finally decided to stop by Cosmic Coffee. Now I totally regret not getting a coffee drink every single time I’m at the Farmer’s Market. I ordered an iced white mocha with oat milk, and it was heavenly! The drink was so smooth and had the right amount of sweetness to compliment the bold coffee flavor. Service was great as well.”

Cosmic Coffee Co Yelp ReviewsKatrina C. Elite 2022 San Jose, CA

“I ordered coffee from Cosmic a couple of times now. The coffee beans are so fresh and the result is delicious!! Customer service is very helpful and attentive. I highly recommend this place!”

Cosmic Coffee Company Google ReviewOri Broit

“Carlos, the owner, knows a lot of coffee and the science behind it. I always learn a lot from chatting with him. Their coffee always comes out great. My current favorite is their Ethiopia, perfect for pour over, the after taste has strong citrus and apricot flavor. In the past, I also love their Sierra Azul, which is on the lighter roast side and also has strong fruity after taste.”

Cosmic Coffee Co Yelp ReviewsTe-Yuan H. Campbell, CA

“I got a bag at three Campbell Farmers market! It was very tasty!!! I will get more on my next trip!! Very nice people”

Cosmic Coffee Co Yelp ReviewsMartha L. San Jose, CA

“Incredibly good, clean coffee!! I buy coffee from them online once a month! Good tasting, good quality, and organic!! Always fast service when I order from them too! I would highly recommend them to anyone!!”

Cosmic Coffee Company Google ReviewTracy McPherson

“This is legit always our first stop when we go to the Willow Glen Farmers Market–we enter and walk straight to their stall for the nitro cold brew. It might be the best in town. The owner asks if you want a little half & half, which we do, and carefully adds and stirs in the right amount before topping it off with a little more cold brew. They also offer flavored syrups for those interested. We usually stick with the cold brew as is cuz it’s super smooth and strong, but a splash of vanilla here and there is always nice.”

Cosmic Coffee Co Yelp ReviewsJon S. Wilmington, NC

“This coffee is amazing!! I get it whenever I go to the Santa Clara farmer’s market 🙂 they also have gluten free vegan desserts if want something sweet with your coffee. Would recommend!”

Cosmic Coffee Co Yelp ReviewsSunaina K. San Jose, CA

“I don’t think I could live without Cosmic Coffee waking me up in the morning! Love this coffee and I’m very picky on my coffee. Great company and owners.”

Cosmic Coffee Company Google ReviewRobin Scalise