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Volume 1 Issue 4

This newsletter is best enjoyed while sipping your favorite coffee or tea.

Hey that’s my coffee!

We are loving this Nayarit natural process, single origin coffee from Tepic, Nayarit, Mexico. Cupping notes: Honeyed almond yellow nectarine torte with a caramel drizzle, milky hot chocolate and a bouquet of fragrant roses nearby. This coffee can be used for all brew methods. Our personal favorite is espresso; it produces an abundance of rich crema and a well-rounded cuppa. We actually opened a TikTok account to post a video about it. No Joke. This environmentally responsible natural process coffee grown by Grupo Terruño Nayarita is from two communities; the small pueblos of Cordon del Jilguero and El Cuarenteno. This high elevation shade grown natural process coffee is made up of three Arabica varieties: Caturra; Criollo and Mondonovo. Want to read more about it or order online?

My Cup of Tea

As the days grow shorter I find myself craving warm and comforting teas in the evening but, like so many others, caffeine in the evening keeps me up all night. So I’ve been drinking copious amounts of our Long After Midnite herbal tisane. This tisane is a calming blend of organic chamomile, organic lemon balm and organic calendula flower. Want to find out more about the herbs or order online?

Farmers Market

We want to introduce you to Small Bees one of our favorite vendors at the Campbell Farmers Market. They are a small local family owned and operated bee keeping business. In addition to great local organic honey they also have hand poured beeswax candles handmade soaps, lip balm and my favorite: the Gardener’s Beeswax Hand Cream. Next time you’re at the market stop by and say hi to Caitlyn.

This is also reminding me that holiday shopping madness is upon us. Have you noticed the long lines of cars at Costco lately? Why not take a simpler approach and do some holiday shopping at the farmer’s market? There are so many wonderful things available and amazing artisans waiting to be discovered! A couple of years ago pre-covid Carlos and I got several small boxes and filled them with things from the farmers market, wrapped them all the same, and instead of giving a box to a specific person we gave each person a number to go pick their own box. The boxes were filled with things like heirloom apples, chocolate dipped apricots, candles, handmade soaps, prisms, olive oil and coffee of course. We had a lot of fun with this and everyone kept saying how they wanted to make it an annual thing.

In other Campbell Farmer’s Market news: You may have heard that the market has returned to its former location on Campbell Avenue. You can find us on the corner on 2nd Street and Campbell Ave near Aqui. Things may be shuffled about a bit because of the parklets so please come and explore, get reacquainted with the spectaculous market vendors and all the outstanding small businesses and restaurants that Campbell Ave has to offer. Hope to see you there!

On the radio

The other day as we were driving home It’s a Long Way to the Top (if you wanna rock n roll) by AC/DC came on the radio. At the same time both of us reached over to turn it up. This got us talking and laughing about those songs that, you can’t help it, you just have to turn it up! We’ll start by saying pretty much any song by AC/DC is going to be at rotten neighbor loud. So here’s a few of our favorites to turn up:

Let us know some of yours!

In the Art Room

Have you seen our new sticker? That badass art was created by Carlos’s brother Jorge. (The astronaut is really Carlos in disguise shhhhhh)

So many businesses are struggling with shortages, out of stocks, price increases and shipment delays. We are no exception. Our decaf beans, which were scheduled to arrive mid-September, have been repeatedly delayed with a new arrival date of mid-November. We’re keeping our fingers crossed (hard) that it arrives before we completely run out. Two months ago we were paying 150 dollars for a case of cold drink cups; the price has jumped to 250 a case (no kidding) not including the lids. We continue to be so grateful for all your patience and understanding as we try to navigate new ordering and stock procedures. Many thanks for taking the time to read this newsletter,