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Volume 1 Issue 3

This newsletter is best enjoyed while sipping your favorite coffee or tea.

Hey that’s my coffee! Frost on the equator. Yes, you read that right. It recently happened in Brazil. Three coffee growing regions in Southeastern Brazil (Minas Gerais, São Paulo and Paraná) were hit the hardest and at a time when many of the coffee plants were already weakened by drought.  

São Paulo is where our beloved Supernova is grown. At this time it is unknown how this will affect next year’s harvest. Early estimates are a loss of 4.5 million bags of coffee (bags are typically 100-130 pounds each). The full extent of the losses will not be known until next year. We’ll keep you posted.

Kenya Nyeri Rumukia Thunguri AA

We are over the moon happy to have a traditional double washed coffee from Nyeri, Kenya! This coffee is sourced from family owned farms organized around the Thunguri Factory (wet mill). The Rumukia Farmers’ Co-operative Society manages the Thunguri Factory, which processes coffee from members who cultivate about 250 coffee trees on half-acre plots. In the cup we got aromas and flavors of vanilla cream soda, peanuts, pink grapefruit slushies and waffle cones at the beach Boardwalk. It’s available on our website now and at the farmers markets.

My cup of tea: Golden Monkey organic black tea is a full bodied tea with aromas of apricots and honeyed yellow peaches. Very smooth with low tannins. Makes an excellent hot or classic iced tea drink. Golden Monkey is a very special tea indeed, generally only a bud and the first leaf are plucked. Golden Monkey, or Jin Hou, is a specialty Chinese black tea with large leaves and an abundance of golden tips. Golden Monkey originates from the Fujian and Yunnan Provinces of China, and is hand-processed each spring. We are very fortunate to have a limited quantity of this specialty organic tea available. You can find it here.

Farmers Market: The farmers markets are overflowing with an abundance of beautiful summer fruits! Yellow and white peaches and nectarines, apricots, strawberries, blackberries and raspberries are here. The first heirloom tomatoes are making an appearance along with avocados, peppers and zucchini. There are also a few artisans finding their way back to the Campbell market too and we’re so glad to see them! On Saturday Santa Clara and Willow Glen are open from 9am to 1pm and Campbell is open on Sunday from 9am to 1pm at the new location Campbell Community Center. You can find directions here. Hope to see you there!

On the radio:  The weather’s perfect for a BBQ so we asked our friend and local DJ, Rod Shields, to put together a play list for you. You can find him on the web at  and on Instagram @djrodshields At 16 he taught himself to match snare beats from the same song on two turntables. That and a love for Hip Hop is what got him started DJing. He’s the kind of DJ you call for your backyard boogie.    Cosmic Coffee BBQ – playlist by Rod Shields

In the Art Room: We also want to introduce you to Krista Pollock! Many of you have seen her beautiful art work on our custom tea labels. She is a Santa Cruz based tapestry artist. Her specialty is creating unique hand painted tapestries but she also incorporates her designs into handbags, bookmarks and wall hangings and of course our tea labels. Check out her work here and on Instagram @kp_tapestries

Scarab tapestry by Krista Pollock

Thanks for taking the time to catch up with what’s going on at Cosmic Coffee. Until next time, Jolynn